Our Background

K2 was established in 2001, in 2009 we noticed the demand for geothermal well drilling, and the K2 Geothermal Well Drilling Division was created. We are dedicated to growing the geothermal industry by being a full-service geothermal drilling and horizontal piping installers. K2 has a team that specializes in residential drilling, and no job is too big or too small for us.


The standard depth of a well is 210’ per ton of cooling required for the home. At K2 Geothermal we work directly with the HVAC Contractors to determine how many loops are required to be drilled. Our team is trained on how far to space each loop and how to grout the borehole, maximizing the efficiency of your system.


GEOTHERMAL GROUT improves the efficiency and performance of ground source heat loop systems by matching the thermal conductivity of the surrounding soil and creating a permanent flexible seal to prevent aquifer contamination. GEOTHERMAL GROUT is an easy pumping grout that has been carefully developed to efficiently suspend solids (silica sand) for enhanced thermal conductivity. GEOTHERMAL GROUT can be mixed to meet a range of thermal conductivity (TC) from 0.40 to 1.00 Btu/hr/ft/F (0.68 to 1.69 W/ mK).


On typical sized homes, we install a “fan” type heading system as shown in the photos.  This not only ensures that the flow rates are the same thru each loop installed, but conserves the amount of space taken up below grade.  On retrofit systems, this is also important as the amount property disturbed during construction of the loop field is kept to a minimum. We can also horizontally bore under the foundation wall from the location of the loop field into the mechanical room of the home.  Again, keeping the disturbance to a minimum. 


The manifold located inside the home near the heat pump units is constructed of HDPE piping and brass fittings.  The manifold includes the isolation valves, flush/purge ports, and pressure/temperature ports.

Fill, Flush, Purge

The flush is an important step when installing a closed-loop geothermal system. The Flush/purge is where we circulate water using a temporary pump and tank to remove any debris or air that may have gotten into the system during construction. We then install a glycol solution to prevent the system from freezing . Trapped air and debris in the system can potentially cause damage and cause the system to operate inefficiently. Our team can perform this service on new or existing systems.

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